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CrowdDoing leverages what the open source community has long known about the potential efficacy of micro-leadership. Micro-leadership represents the micro-level of responsibility for a specific dimension of a social challenge. It creates a diversity of roles that allow individuals to take on flexible part-time levels of responsibility that allow them to address a specific dimensions of a social challenge. CrowdDoing recognizes the invaluable role that micro-leadership role diversification can play in support of social innovation, social enterprise and systemic change. CrowdDoing engages in capacity-building for achieving Sustainable Development Goals through the practice of micro-leadership.

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project manager

Whole Person Economy

AI/Machine Learning. Social Innovation. Micro-Leadership. Service Learning.


Medicinal Foods

Stress, Sleep, Anxiety. Citizen Science. Medicinal foods and ingredients.


Prevention Derivatives

Social impact based risk prevention. Project Heather. Forest Fire.

Hospital wellness designer

Living Walls

Plant proximity- stress & air-pollution reduction. Medical consequences.

human resource coordinator

Systemic Change

Social problems. Cause and Effect. Evaluation and Outcomes.

graphic designer

Service Learning

Peer support/ capacity building. Multi-disciplinary. Cost benefit forecasts.

Social media manager


Crypto. Blockchain Space. Social Impact. Educate Public. CHANGE.

mortgage reviewer

Zero Subsidy Housing

Affordable housing. Liquidity & Diversification. Combat Homelessness.

market analyst

Crypto Impact Potential

Crypto. Blockchain Space. Social Impact. Educate Public. CHANGE.

The Volunteer Experience

Doesn’t matter where you come from or what you know,

We work together, and together we grow.

Roderick Powell

I learned a lot about Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology and how these technologies can be leveraged for social impact purposes.

Akhilesh Prasad

By analyzing crypto assets in financial context, my quantitative finance skills were enhanced and communication skills under multi-culture was also improved.

Palwinder Singh

I had a great experience working on social media data and NLP and learned the use of medicinal foods in combating problems like stress, sleep and anxiety.

Ready To Make A Difference?

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Ready To Make A Difference?

Volunteer Today