Crypto Impact Potential


CrowdDoing crypto team has researched crypto tokens that have broader social impact potential in sustainability and anti-poverty areas. Our goal is to educate the world on the risks and opportunities that crypto tokens present and help mitigate risks associated with crypto tokens. Through extensive research, we have identified and analyzed several projects that are leveraging blockchain and crypto solutions to address social challenges, to help the unbanked, to supply renewable energy, to support medical research and to develop a sustainable supply chain, etc. CrowdDoing team has put together a draft index of these crypto portfolios to track their overall performance and impact investment potential. We are working to publish the index globally and aim to track their financial performance while attempting to understand and measure those projects’ impact potential. Our community draws from various backgrounds with all levels of expertise, including writers, technologists, finance, operations, cryptographic enthusiasts, engineers, students and others. Through this initiative, participants de-risk the impact potential of crypto to achieve social good while learning together.


Our team has identified dozens of crypto projects with impact potential. Our team has developed a portfolio of sustainability crypto impact projects and a portfolio of anti-poverty crypto impact projects. Our team has evaluated tokens that are liquid associated with these projects and removed bad actors from the baskets through a market manipulation analysis. Our team has partially evaluated the risk and feasibility of each crypto strategy for achieving sustainability and anti-poverty goals.



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