Social Media Manager – Blockchain

Min Qualifications required: Bachelors / Masters

Min Experience Required: 1+ years

Experience or Knowledge in a specific subject or area required: Leveraging social media management & PR about blockchain

Minimum Volunteer hours required: 15-20 hours per week

Project Overview:
Project Name: Blockchain Projects

Project Duration: 6-12 months (Ongoing)

Project outline:
The Social Enterprise is a community of systems practitioners working on a myriad of mission-driven projects, social businesses, investment funds, philanthropic programs, purpose-based communities, and other initiatives that represent values-based and regenerative economic models for the 21st century.

Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Conduct client, prospect, industry, competitor, and market research/analysis to inform targeted business development efforts
  • Grow and nurture the size and strength of your professional network for the purposes of establishing new business in your local market.
  • Lead and grow social media presence
  • Leverage data to identify areas of opportunity, drive growth and engagement of users

Skills & Competencies:

  • ‘PR & advertising
  • Ability to analyze data sets and interpret them
  • Software tools & Program knowledge:
  • Knowledge of blockchain technology/cryptocurrency is a big plus